Samurai Shodown, Epic Games Store Wanted Exclusivity, but SNK’s CEO Declined

Samurai Shodown

The SNK CEO revealed that a digital download platform, presumably the Epic Games Store, wanted the exclusive Samurai Showdown, but he refused.

Apparently, Epic Games Store tried to buy Samurai Shodown’s exclusive PC, but Kuroki, SNK’s CEO, refused. 

It was told by Kuroki himself, who spoke of an offer worth hundreds of thousands of copies of Samurai Shodown pre-ordered for the sale of the exclusive PC. Actually, Kuroki didn’t name the Epic Game Store, but it wasn’t hard to understand who he was talking about. 

The reason for the refusal? According to him, Samurai Shodown can sell millions of copies across all platforms, so he doesn’t want to limit its distribution.

Kuroki with Samurai Shodown has gone in stark contrast to other publishers and has given up on easy money in order not to slow down his game, in which he strongly believes. We hope that it will not be disappointed and sales on Steam will offset those guaranteed by Epic Games.

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