San Felipe participates in days of social dialogue on the National Care System – News from the University of Playa Ancha

Its objectives were to compile the experiences and needs of caregivers in the province of Aconcagua. social dialogue “Let’s talk about caring”, Space for citizen participation and discussion to address the future National Care System (SNC) What does he propose? Government of President Gabriel Boric Font.

led by Ministry of Social Development in partnership with UN Women, was held on the day San Felipe Campus of the University of Playa Ancha (UPLA) and called on carers and social organizations to gather information on the challenges faced by the local population in terms of care.

The SNC is one of the main government proposals, which seeks to highlight the role of carers in society, promote their training and formal employment, and strengthen a Carers Registry, among other measures.

attended the event Regional Presidential Representative of Valparaiso, Sofia Gonzalez Cortes, who highlighted the citizen participation process promoted by the government: “It is necessary to generate dialogues that allow us to understand what are the gaps, what are the needs, what are the guidelines that should be included in a proposal and that Who knows better who to take care of it.”

In this episode Regional Ministerial Secretary (Ceremi) for Women and Gender Equality of Valparaíso, Camila Lazo Molina, explained the impact this measure would have on people’s daily lives: “Today we know that many women do these tasks which see their lives suspended, that they also see their economic autonomy suspended many times and therefore, daily In the knowledge that we are a state that is the guarantor of women’s rights and that effectively protects and cares for caregivers, this is a direct effect.

In turn, the provincial presidential representative of San Felipe and Aconcagua, Maricel Martínez Vicencio, She highlighted the immediate situation of rural communities in terms of care, highlighting the experience of the province: “Here in some small communities, for example in Putaendo, we have women who support the caregivers. And in that sense it has been very well received because there is one day a week that women can go out to do their paperwork.

for his part, Secretary of the Ministry of Social Development and the Family of Valparaíso, Claudia Espinoza CaraminanA, explained that this process of citizen participation is because social organizations are the ones that center the issues of care in the design of the proposal.

“And by June 30 we have a date to execute the national insurrection; And from June 30 they will make room for withdrawal and design the law that will enter into force at the end of the year.

Along the same lines, Maria Francisca Bello, deputy for District 6, said: “The end result of these dialogues is a bill, which will pass commission for women and gender equality that I chair, and the work commission, the most important thing is that the laws have a correlation and a social meaning that is understandable to the people who care”.

Those wishing to participate in this process of civic dialogue can do so on the website, where they can register for the next instances or participate in a self-driven manner with guidelines, questions and minutes You can download a dialogue kit. carried out in communities, groups or organizations.

They will be informed about the dates of the next dialogue through the official social networks of the Seremi MDS and the Ministry of Social Development.

(Esteban Moreno T., Journalist General Directorate of Links with Media)

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