San Siro is already organizing its own anti-Lukaku rebellion… with the distribution of 50,000 whistles

Romelu Lukaku was in Inter Milan colors last season. / Image Sport / Panoramic

game scan – Inter Milan’s ultras group, La Curva Nord, is preparing its rebellion for Romelu Lukaku’s return to San Siro with Roma on October 29.

The match between Inter Milan and AS Roma on October 29 is likely to be very tense. In addition to the clash between Italy’s two best teams, the Nerazzurri supporters group, Curva Nord, planned to distribute at least 50,000 whistles to the public at the Giuseppe Meazza stadium. Objective: To continuously whistle Romelu Lukaku.

The striker, who has always professed his love for the Milan club, revealed his true face this summer. On loan to Inter by Chelsea last season, the Belgian had talks with Inter’s arch-enemy Juventus during the summer transfer window before signing for AS Roma. Nerazzurri supporters have not been able to digest this betrayal and intend to inform the Neo-Romans.

“A little man”

“October 29 is the date in the calendar to display all our hatred towards the person who turned his back on us in the most undignified manner”What can we read on one of the flyers distributed to the members of the group and which leaked to the transalpine press. “The most unwanted day of return is coming, let’s be prepared”Romelu announces this scathing press release full of anger towards Lukaku.

,He is a character who described himself as a “little man” because before you can be a champion, you have to be a man and be able to stand your ground. We protected you against all odds and you rewarded us by turning your back on us. We are going to distribute 50,000 whistles that will be used at the top of our lungs every time the one who betrayed us touches the ball. Let’s show everyone how those who have shown themselves unworthy to wear our colors deserve to be treated.», Write ultrasound of Curva Nord. Enough to add fuel to the fire ahead of the meeting between the sub-European champions and Roma.

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