Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ classic rom-com climbs Netflix charts

Gabriella Silva

The era of romantic comedies may be back, with the classic starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds climbing up Netflix’s top 10 list.

Netflix’s top 10 lists usually include new releases that fans are clamoring for, or occasionally old but good films that have recently attracted fans. Many times, this is because Netflix has licensed the rights to stream a movie, allowing fans to easily watch the movie.

Some forgotten films made the top ten, from underrated Russell Crowe thrillers to Tom Holland action films that underperformed in theaters.

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It’s time for the romantic comedy to rule, and a beloved film starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds has replaced some of the fresher stuff on Netflix. Any guesses? The answer is as follows.

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds’ ‘The Proposal’ Hits Netflix Charts

Since the two actors have only appeared in one romantic comedy together, it’s no surprise that this movie is The Proposal.

So far, The Proposal has reached number four on Netflix’s top 10 list. It surpasses the Super Mario Bros. movies and Adam Sandler’s Leo. The romantic comedy was also more popular than Zack Snyder’s Moonlight: Part 1: Children of Fire.

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During the week of January 8-14, The Proposal racked up 8.8 million hours of viewing and 4.9 million total views. But it still lags far behind when it comes to The Equalizer 3, Teleporter 2, and Kevin Hart’s Elevator; the latter currently has 32.8 million total views.

The Proposal premiered in 2009, during the heyday of romantic comedies. It indulges in a boss-worker romance that begins as enemies and turns into a love story. Bullock plays Margaret Tate, the Canadian executive editor of a New York book publishing company. Reynolds plays Andrew Paxton, her personal assistant who moves to the big city with dreams of becoming an editor.

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But his dream never came true and he became Margaret’s lapdog. When her visa renewal is denied, her prestigious job is put in jeopardy. She needed a quick solution – the only way to stay in the country was to get married and get a green card.

She soon proposed a deal to Andrew, giving him an editorial position in exchange for a sham marriage. With his career also on the line, he agreed. With Margaret’s well-known dragon-lady attitude, the two often clashed. But as they get to know each other better, it soon develops into love.

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