Sandra Bullock can’t take it anymore. She decided to take a break from the cinema: “I’m tired and exhausted”

Always beautiful, but tired and exhausted. A too hectic world that does not let you breathe, especially when you want to do it mom. This is the story of Sandra Bullockactress of The Lost City who wants to devote himself to familyin particular to yours two sons.

Actress Sandra Bullock has decided to take a break from the cinema

“I am so exhausted and so tired”: the exhaustion of the actress

I am so exhausted, so tired and I am no longer able to make wise decisions. ” This is how the 57-year-old spoke, Oscar Prize as best actress for The Blind Side and next to acting in the action thriller Bullet Train with Brad Pittof her career which although very satisfied with her success at the moment she decided to say stop.

In fact, already a few months ago he said he wanted to temporarily step aside in cinema world to devote himself to his two children, Louis and Laila, respectively 12 and 10 years. “I want to stay at home – he had told CBS -. I’m not doing anyone a favor who is investing in a project by saying I want to stay home because I’m always on the run, on the run for the next thing. I just want to be present and responsible. “

This time he seems to have decided for real and later 30 years of career it’s a fifty films she needs time for herself. He also confessed that taking a step back is a personal challenge for her.

The work has always been constant for me – she said – and I was really lucky. I realized she was becoming like my crutch. It was like always opening a refrigerator looking for something that was never there. “

Finally, she added that she realized that she was always dissatisfied with her success and that she worked too hard to strengthen her self-esteem. “I said to myself – she explained – stop looking for him here because he doesn’t exist. You already have itand put your soul in peace that the work does not need to validate you. “

Sandra Bullock along with her two children, Louis and Laila

The break and success

Sandra Bullock has no idea how long it will last this pause. For the past few months, the actress has been on a frenzied whirlwind of touring promoting her latest two films, “The Lost City” and “Bullet Train,” but has confessed that it’s not a natural thing for her to have the eyes of the public or of journalists on him.

I shrink in front of the press, under the public eye and during a photo shoot – he commented -. I just collapse, I’m not good at it, even if I love working in tandem with people to create something “.

These days, Bullock and fellow producer Liza Chasinalong with the rest of the Lost City team, are celebrating the film that passed the 100 million dollars nationwide in a major venture after becoming the first pandemic-era film to attract women en masse to theaters.

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