Sandra Bullock fulfills boyfriend Brian Randall’s last wish

Last August, Sandra Bullock suffered a loss The most painful thing in his life, his romantic partner, the photographer Brian Randallbecause amyotrophic lateral sclerosis I fought secretly with him for three years.

At the time, Randall’s family announced the news via a statement in which they assured Randall would have the rest of his life. last moment of peace. A few days later, Bullock’s sister, Gissing Bloch-Pradorevealed that the actress stayed with him until the end.

The Oscar-winner of “A Possible Dream” had absolute discretion in handling the matter; however, it now appears that less than a year after leaving, Bullock decided to honor the last wishes of the love of his life.

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In life, Randall loved fishing, which is why he wanted his body to rest in water, which became a reality a few days ago.

Geising acknowledged that the photographer would have turned 58 last weekend, so Bullock celebrated his birthday with an emotional ceremony and deposited his ashes in a Wyoming lake.

“Happy birthday, Bry. Sandy took you to the river, just like she promised.””, Bullock-Prado wrote on his Instagram account, along with a short video about the place.

Sandra Bullock met Randall in 2015 while doing a birthday shoot for her son, Louis. They have been inseparable since then and have been together for nearly nine years.

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