Sandra Bullock said it stops there for now

So many years of career and film and now she feels exhausted Sandra Bullock has stated that for now she will stop here with acting. But how long will this break last?

Time passes and long years of career wear down even the movie stars. After Brad Pitt says he sees himself at the end of his career as an actor, Sandra Bullock she said she was exhausted and to stop here for now. A break to recharge the batteries, after the release of his latest film in recent months, The Lost Cityalongside Channing Tatum.

He had already talked a few months ago about his desire to take a break from acting, after a 35-year career and 50 films, to focus on his two children, Louis and Laila, aged 12 and 10. “I’m really exhausted,” she said Sandra Bullock, “I am so tired and am now unable to make wise and fair decisions. I know.” What is certain is that for now he does not know how long this stop from the cinema will last.

“Work has always been a constant for me, that’s why I was really lucky. I realized it was becoming my crutch. How to constantly open the fridge and look for something that wasn’t there. stop, because I was looking for something that did not exist. I already have it, I have to put my soul in peace and realize that work doesn’t need to define me‘”.

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