Sandro is set to turn 78 and his fans celebrate him at an exotic castle in the Boedo neighborhood

Roberto Sanchez was born on August 19, 1945. This Saturday, like every year, his fans will gather at his iconic studio for a variety of activities.

Roberto Sanchez Ocampo is world famous. Sandrodry, I will be 78 years old This Saturday, August 19th.

His fans have organized to celebrate it with many special events, with special guests such as: tavarero and conductor Angel Mahler.

Sandro was born in 1945 and this Saturday is his birthday. His fans are going to celebrate it in style.

Sandro was born in 1945 and this Saturday is his birthday. His fans are going to celebrate it in style.


in 4 pm The doors of the famous Sandro Castle in the Boedo district will open to celebrate his birthday with a very special and exciting event, making sure the magic continues.

The appointment ceremony will take place at the Cultural Caba El Castillo de Sandro, Pavon 3939, Boedo.

Sandro.Photo: Marcelo del Arco

Sandro.Photo: Marcelo del Arco

As Roberto Sánchez baptized this massive party, at 5pm he instructed to greet the fans at “Batarra del 19” every time, the group’s Los Tavareros updated the classic theme. will be performed live. because i love you.

This successful and popular folk band pays tribute to their star with this version, which they recorded with a great deal of love and respect, happy candy, his new album. In this way, they rekindle the fire of love in a magical and long-awaited encounter with the voice of American his idol.

Expected to be a passionate song surrounded by the fan club “Las Nenas”, it is typical of the group of Beto Martínez (guitar and vocals), José María Martínez (guitar and vocals) and Daniel Giannico. Mischief and joy are included. (guitar and voice), Felix Mateos (bass drum and voice), Joaquín Lagos (bass and voice).

Sandro in the movies "I climbed with the intention of taking you".

Played Sandro in the movie Subi que te revo.

And to round out the special day, Angel Mahler and his son Damien accompanied us. Olga Garaventa de Sanchez and Sony Music directors exclusively announce the implementation of the most ambitious project in Sandro’s honor to date. Amazing news and a tribute to the greatest of all.

sandro’s castle

Designed by Roberto Sanchez himself, the building is inspired by an ancient medieval castle and was initially conceived as a professional recording studio, and eventually as offices, rehearsal rooms, and storage for equipment and scenery. used.

Sandra's castle.Photo: Constance Niskovoros

Sandra’s castle.Photo: Constance Niskovoros

currently working CAVA Cultural Center. The space displays some of Sandro’s original treasures, and also hosts photography exhibitions. from the audience Created by three of her historical “babes”: Mabel Armentia, Silvia Silverman and Silvia Cieri.

The castle has two entrances. The entrance door to the hall leading to the central corridor and the entrance door to the Gitano themed bar. In Gitano’s themed bar, you’ll find roses that he used in his shows, among other mythical objects. man with rosessince 2001.

There is a radio studio (where programs are broadcast) on the ground floor everyone’s sandroheaded by his Nenas), multi-purpose rooms and classrooms where various cultural, educational and social activities take place.

On the second floor there is a large gastronomic space with a terrace, immortal sandro and the Roberto Sanchez Auditorium.

A building of great cultural value, it has been preserved in its original state with unique details such as iron gates, solid wood doors (finishes reminiscent of the Moors), antique lamps and stained glass.


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