Sane racist insults? Bayern respond to Mane advisor’s allegations in afterfoot

The story between Sadio Mane and Bayern Munich was complicated from start to finish. Not really in Thomas Tuchel’s plans, the striker eventually resigned to leave Germany after only one season. Today in Al-Nasr, Saudi Arabia, the Senegalese saw their mentor come to their rescue during Saturday evening’s After Foot program on RMC.

Invited to return to the controversy between Mane and Leroy Sane during the season, Becker Cisse also alleged racism on the part of the Bavarian leaders: “If Sadio Mane’s skin color bothered Leroy Sane, It bothered even the leaders of Bayern Munich”, he slipped. Via a statementThe Bavarians responded to these allegations: “The allegations of racism, as re-imposed by Sadio’s crew, are controversial and have been leveled since the beginning.”

“Bayern praises Sadio Mane”

At RMC, Mane’s advisor noted the leaders’ “ungratefulness” towards the player. “Bayern cleared Sadio for one match after Sane denied leaders made racist insults towards Mane,” Cisse indicated. But given the seriousness of the problem, if Sadio was wrong, he should More would have been approved.”

To respond to these comments, the Bundesliga champions assured that the club “appreciates Sadio Mane as a person and as a player.” Noting that the reason for this departure is only sports: “Unfortunately, the objectives we set by hiring him were not achieved. It happens in football.”

Tuchel’s management of Mane is a source of debate

Becker Cisse also noted Tuchel’s management of Mane. According to the After Foot guest, the German coach had an obligation not to play with Senegal: “He apologized to Sadio because he had promised him that he would play in his team, but did not because he had instructions from the management to tell him.” That they should not plant centuries.

Bayern Munich still denied the revelations: “Our coach Thomas Tuchel never told Sadio that he could no longer use him.” Despite this tension between the two sides, the German organization ended their statement by wishing Mane “good luck and much success at his new club”.

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