Sanremo, scandals, dramas and firsts: the events that marked the Festival

Roberto Benigni’s arrival on horseback at Ariston, the controversy over clothes that show more than they should and even the accusations of plagiarism. Since the very first editions, the event has been marked by dramatic and controversial events, but also by scandals, gossip and many ‘firsts’. Here’s what to remember.

Between scandals, dramas and gossip, there are many events that have marked the Italian song festival. From Roberto Benigni who arrives on horseback at the Ariston, to the clothes that show more than they should, up to the accusations of plagiarism. Let’s retrace the most salient moments and events.

The presence of Roberto Benigni

In the 1980 edition the conductor Claudio Cecchetto wanted the comedian at his side Roberto Benigni. The edition went down in history for kiss of 45 seconds between him and her Valletta Olimpia Carlisi and for the epithet Wojtilaccio with which he addressed the new Pope, John Paul II. Benigni himself reached the Ariston in 2011 on horseback holding the tricolor flag, a tribute to the 150th anniversary of the unification of Italy.

Among the events that aroused more attention there is also that of 1987 in which the singer Patsy Kensit, during the performance, she had problems with a shoulder strap of her dress which, falling, uncovered her Breast. The same happened in 2006 a Ilary Blasi, who wore a Valentino dress andon the same wavelength, in the 2011, caused a sensation the high-cut split of Belen Rodríguez which featured a butterfly tattoo in the crotch area.

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The ‘dreaded’ stairway of Sanremo

The stairway of Sanremo is called into question every year. To do so for the 2023 edition was the co-host Francesca Fagnani who revealed that she feared the ‘downhill’ and that she had considered wearing sneakers to avoid falling. If a few editions ago Ghali’s fall had been part of her performance, it was not the same in 2007 for Michelle Hunziker, who fell without, fortunately, getting hurt.

The quarrel between Bugo and Morgan

Among the recent events that have animated the gossip for weeks, in 2020during the fourth evening of Sanremo, Bugo and Morgan they showed up on the Ariston stage to sing ‘Sincere’. However, Morgan modified the song, openly attacking Bugo, who left. The performance was interrupted shortly after, with the celebrated expression by morgan: “What happens? Where’s Bugo?”. The song, as per regulation, was then excluded from the singing festival.

Plagiarism, gaffe and rebel orchestra: the scandals of the Festival

Another scandal occurred in 1953when Gino Latilla argued with a journalist who accused him of plagiarism in the song Drummer of the Regiment. In 1968, embarrassment was not avoided when Louis Armstrong, present at the festival as a competitor e convinced that he had to perform for 45 minuteswas stopped by Pippo Baudo, arousing the disappointment of the American jazz musician.

Pippo Baudo was at the center of the clamor of another edition, that of 1995 was also the most viewedthanks in part to the event where a man threatened to jump from the Ariston gallery and the conductor convinced him and not to do it. In 2010, again, the protagonist of the scandal was the orchestra who protested the exclusion of Malika Ayane from the final and threw the sheet music onto the stage.

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Nilla Pizzi’s record

The Festival also boasts many firsts. In the 1952 singer Nilla Pizzi won the entire podium of the Festival, resulting first, second and third, respectively with the songs Dove fly, Poppies and ducks and A woman prays, event that never occurred again thereafter.

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In the 1986Finally, it is the first time that a woman leads the Festival as the main presenter, it’s all about Loretta Goggi. In 2008 for the first time aforeign artistArgentina Lola Poncewins the festival paired with Gio Di Tonno with the song Lightning strike.

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