Sant’Angelo, the missionary Don Ferdinando Bravi passed away

Sant'Angelo, the missionary Don Ferdinando Bravi passed away

Don Ferdinando Bravi in ​​Central America

He was 81 years old, next Tuesday in the Basilica the funeral with the bishop of Lodi

Fr Ferdinando Bravi died at the age of 81, in the “Madre Cabrini” retirement home of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, where he resided since 2019: he had dedicated long years of his priesthood to the mission in Mexico and Guatemala but had been busy over the years also in the parishes of Sant’Antonio and Santa Cabrini in Sant’Angelo, Miradolo, Nosadello and Gradella. For about a week his conditions had become more delicate. Before leaving for the Holy Land, the bishop of Lodi, Monsignor Maurizio Malvestiti, had wanted to visit him. The funeral home is located at the retirement home. The funeral will be celebrated on Tuesday 10 August, at 10, in the Basilica of Sant’Angelo Lodigiano and will be presided over by Bishop Maurizio returning from the pilgrimage.

Read the article by Sara Gambarini on the Citizen on newsstands tomorrow 5th August, and in digital edition


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