“Santiago thinks Stefano De Martino and I are two crazy”

After years Belen Rodriguez has returned to the Maurizio Costanzo Show. By now accustomed to seeing the Argentine showgirl in Maria De Filippi’s programs, in last night’s episode of Maurizio Costanzo’s program she was also a guest, the woman among the most sought after by the paparazzi in recent years. Despite the separation of Totti and Ilary and the new entry Noemi Bocchi are stealing the show not a little, her return with Stefano De Martino continues to make people talk about her. And precisely on this the journalist wanted to investigate and the showgirl did not shy away from the questions that also revealed some gems. Everything is going great with the former Amici dancer, but this time in the story there is also room for Santiago and for what the children, the result of the love between Belen and Stefano in 2013, think of their parents.

Gf Vip, Stefano De Martino “nominated” at home, Spinalbese petrified: what happened

Belen, how are you doing with Stefano De Martino?

How are you doing with De Martino?, Costanzo does not revolve around us. After joking a bit about Belen he confirms that he is going “Tall good. Then the host asked Rodriguez if she intends to return to Argentina, her country of birth. And yes, Belen would like to go there soon, with the reunited family. He hoped to organize a trip for New Year’s Eve, but work commitments will not allow him to leave Italy.

What Santiago thinks

So we will talk about it in August 2023. And De Martino will also be there, even if things go wrong, the showgirl continues to ironize:

I haven’t been to Argentina for a while. I wanted to go there for New Years, but I can’t because of work commitments. I will go there next August, with De Martino. Even if we break up, I’ll force him anywayFinally, space to what Santiago thinks of mum and dad. He’s a kid now. Even if he still sleeps with us – revealed the showgirl-. He is divinely. What does he think of us? What he has to think, that we are two crazy, for good though.

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