Sao Paulo. A fight at the airport. It was about … a rabbit

Two Brazilians decided to fly from Sao Paulo to Dublin. They chose KLM, which offered a connection via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

During the briefing at Guarulhos Airport (GRU) near Sao Paulo, an unpleasant incident occurred, reported by the daily “Algemeen Dagblad” on Sunday.

The passengers wanted to take the rabbit Alfred on board. They even obtained a special permit, issued by a Brazilian court. During the check-in, however, it turned out that KLM personnel refused to consent to this.

There was an exchange of views that turned into a fight.

The line spokeswoman said “AD”, adding that Apart from small cats and dogs, the airline does not allow other animals to be carried in the aircraft cabin.

– The employees were convinced that they could not agree to transport the rabbit – says the spokeswoman. Ultimately Alfred, along with his guardians, landed on Saturday at the airport in Amsterdam, from where he continued his journey to Ireland.

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