Sao Paulo subway workers decide today whether to go on strike this Tuesday

São Paulo Metro workers will decide whether to go on strike at midnight Tuesday (15th) at a meeting held at 6:00 pm today (14th). The subway union said the strike was a demonstration against the privatization of subways and railways and in favor of better services for residents.

“Since being elected, Governor Tarcisio de Freitas has spoken of his intention to privatize the entire São Paulo metro and rail system. Camila Lisboa, president of the Metro Workers’ Union, said.

Camila cites the experience of lines 8 and 9, which have been managed by Via Mobilidade since the beginning of the year. Lines always cause breakdowns and damage to residents. “Contrary to what the government says, these contracts come with a 30-year profit guarantee, so they don’t save the state money, they just increase expenses. We foresee the existence of a clearing house that will allow these private companies to withdraw funds from the CPTM (Companhia Paulista de Trens Metrotonos),” he noted.

The union chairman said the strike was scheduled for tomorrow following the issuance of a notice stipulating outsourcing of train maintenance services for Silver 15 (Monorail) and news that CCR Group would file a lawsuit. Cancellation of the decision to cancel the circuit distribution auction scheduled for August 28th. “We have questioned this notice and have filed a lawsuit with the State Board of Audit. This notice contains a series of inaccuracies and does not require a guarantee of service by the winning bidder,” Camilla said. said Mr.

Camila said a meeting will be held today between the unions and the metro to reach an agreement to avoid the strike. “Our hope is that this announcement will be withdrawn, as this is a very concrete and positive step in the privatization process of Line 15 Plata, which is part of the CPTM. , because we insist that it will continue to be a public line by making more investments “from the state,” he said.

The strike is a protest against the dismissal of three employees who were on duty when two trains collided on Route 15 Silver, paralyzing the entire operation. These works were part of an elevated monorail connecting the south and east zones of the city of São Paulo.

The accident occurred between Sapopemba and Jardim Planalto stations in the East Zone at about 4:30 am, before the start of commercial operation, during the positioning of the train, São Paulo Metro Metropolitan was notified.

Camilla said the employee was responsible for the incident, but the line recorded several operational failures that caused the problem.


The president of the Metro Workers’ Union announced that the decision to organize a referendum had been taken after a unified general assembly was held among the metro workers, the CPTM and also the employees of the São Paulo State Basic Sanitation Company (Savesp). Investigating state government privatization projects, these he surveyed residents’ opinions on the privatization of two companies. “People are against the privatization project, and we will hold this referendum in September, as well as a unified mobilization in October.”

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