Sapphire GPRO X080 and GPRO X060 – specification of cards for cryptocurrency miners

Cryptocurrency mining is a huge business that still enjoys a lot of interest and brings huge profits. As it turns out, equipment manufacturers also want to take advantage of the opportunity – the Sapphire company quietly sells special graphics cards for cryptocurrency miners to miners.

Sapphire is quietly offering graphics cards for cryptocurrency miners

The El Chapuzas Informatico service has reached the technical documentation of the Sapphire GPRO X080 and Sapphire GPRO X060 cards – these are special models that have been designed for cryptocurrency miners.

The Sapphire GPRO X080 is based on the AMD Navi 22 graphics chip with 2560 stream processors and has 10 GB of GDDR6 160-bit memory (you can say that it is the equivalent of the AMD Radeon RX 6700M mobile chip). For cooling, a two-slot cooler with two fans is used, and the power supply is provided by a single 8-pin plug (which is worth noting, the card has no image outputs).

Sapphire GPRO X080

Sapphire GPRO X080

GPRO X080 is to offer quite good efficiency of mining the Ethereum cryptocurrency – the manufacturer claims that with standard parameters it reaches about 38.05 MH / s (with a TGP ratio of 165 W), and after optimizing the parameters, it is about 41.6 MH / s ( with a TGP of 93 W).

Sapphire GPRO X060 is a weaker model – the card uses the Navi 23 core with 1792 shaders and has 8 GB of GDDR6 192-bit memory (the specification is similar to the Radeon RX 6600 model). The manufacturer used a slightly more modest cooling. The herring has one HDMI and DisplayPort output, and an additional power supply is provided by an 8-pin socket.

Sapphire GPRO X060

Sapphire GPRO X060

GPRO X060 is expected to achieve a standard performance of 27.8 MH / s (with a TGP of 100 W), but after tuning, you can get up to 29.4 MH / s (with a TGP of 60 W).

Sapphire GPRO X080 and GPRO X060 cards only available to miners – how much do you have to pay?

Sapphire GPRO models do not officially exist and cannot be bought in any store. According to the findings of El Chapuzas Informatico, the cards are sold directly to large cryptocurrency mining farms – the GPRO X080 model costs around 750 euros, and the GPRO X060 around 550 euros.

There is still a shortage of hardware on the graphics card market. However, it seems that the producers allocate part of their supplies to the mining segment, where you can earn more (Nvidia’s partners do it officially, however, by issuing special CMP models). How many cards are in the hands of miners? We will probably never find out …

Source: El Chapuzas Informatico

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