Sara Jean Underwood the Ex Playboy Bunny Who Upsets Her Fans

Sara Jean Underwood is conquering social networks for being a very beautiful woman who loves to travel the world in her truck next to her boyfriend

Sara Jean Underwood, 36, continues to be one of the most remembered playmates of the famous Playboy franchise, a place where the blonde reached popularity for her beauty, even in 2007 she was nominated Playmate of the Year, the highest honor that a bunny who triumphs for the famous men’s magazine.

Born in Portland, Oregon, Sara Jean Underwood is also a celebrity on Instagram, where she has more than eight million followers, who have witnessed since 2007 the evolution of the blonde and everything she has achieved in her modeling career, But even though he continues to shape his lifestyle, he has completely changed.

And now the former playmate spends her time traveling with her boyfriend around the world in her rolling truck, so we see her camping in wooded areas when night falls, something that fascinates Sara Jean Underwood, since from every girl became a nature lover, so she has managed to get more followers for her lifestyle.

Happy end of 2020 everyone. We built our house by hand, survived a pandemic, and I gained 10 pounds and 4 animals. My story shows a lot more, but after digging up all those old videos this morning, that’s all the energy I could give this legend. See you on the other side, it was like Sara Jean Underwood said goodbye to this 2020, but stressed that she did many things.

Another thing that Sara Jean Underwood did is that despite bursting the nets with her great body, there is someone she loves deeply, it is her boyfriend Jacob Witzling, who is in charge of building the small cabins in the that both spend the night to continue traveling the world with their pets, something that the model loves too much.

Returning with the incredible figure of Sara Jean Underwood, the girl is the sensation with her explosive photos where she is seen in a bathing suit or pajamas as if that were not enough, the blonde always makes people talk because of her tender face which gave her the privilege of becoming Playmate of the Year because with or without makeup, she looks too good.

Sara Jean Underwood a beautiful woman and traveler / Instagram

“Very beautiful, but more beautiful the woman who wears it”, “I am looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the G4 team in the reunion program! @Saraunderwood”, “WOW Absolutely beautiful. I think the only thing I like about you is very unique. I hope you have a great day !! @saraunderwood “, they write to the beautiful blonde in one of her many photos.

Although the Playboy bunny spends her time traveling, she does not waste time to exercise at all, as many wonder how she does it if she spends traveling all the time and the trick is that at each stop, Sara Jean Underwood, immediately begins to train with what nature offers him.

Another thing that the beautiful woman does is that she eats very well, that is, she eats correctly to continue maintaining that goddess figure as if that were not enough, she is always seen in sports or comfortable clothes because she is a girl who loves to explore the places, so he makes it clear that he has a lot of energy, especially when there are cloudy days because they fascinate him.

Sara Jean Underwood is also praised for being a very dynamic woman, as she loves to build her wooden house with which she travels the world, and seeing her boyfriend prepare a walking house made her learn too.


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