Sarah Chapman revealed the secret of Meghan Markle’s beautiful complexion. “I know that the duchess likes it very much”

Sarah Chapman started working with Prince Harry’s wife just before the couple’s wedding. The woman has been dealing with cosmetology for many years, and is also the owner of an original brand of products. It is Chapman who is responsible for the flawless appearance of Meghan’s face on the wedding day. Acquaintance with women went beyond professional relations and the beauty specialist began to meet the duchess also in private circumstances.

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Sarah Chapman shared her method of cleansing the skin. Meghan Markle uses it

Now Chapman has decided to reveal the secrets of caring for Markle’s skin. The specialist shared with the readers of the Harper’s Bazaar portal the massage instructions that the duchess loves. Apparently, this is one of the elements that contributes to the perfect condition of Meghan’s skin.

I like to cleanse my skin with lotions because they have enough glide and I can comfortably do an intensive massage. Here’s the homemade version: Fold your hands into loose fists and literally knead your ankles in your muscles. Then, tumble your fingertips against your face until you are flushed. Thus, you accelerate the blood flow which helps to oxygenate and deliver nutrients to the cells. It also removes a tired look. I know Meghan really likes my skin cleansing method – we read on the website.

I must admit that Meghan Markle’s skin is in perfect condition. A woman can boast of firm and moisturized skin that looks extremely natural due to the freckles that dot the woman’s face.

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