Sarah Hyland is face deformation

Sarah Hyland is not going through its best moment. The actress surprised her followers with a ‘selfie’ that showed you how the medication I was taking had caused a swollen that it had warped completely his face.

The interpreter of 27 years, had to be entered emergency in the hospital, and, although we do not know the reason, the view is that it was something quite serious.

“Sometimes a selfie is more than a good angle and see mona. This time, for the National Day of the Selfie, I’ve decided to share my truth. As painful as it is. So here is my face that has meant that I had to go work against my will. But I am very grateful for having done it. Health always goes first,” said Sarah Hyland in their social networks.

Although not due for Hyland joined what we do know is that you are already recovered.

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Did you know that Sarah Hyland is Sagittarius? Consultation your horoscope

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