Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr .: A love story

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I will pray you don’t die, Sarah Jessica Parker said as she walked away from Robert Downey Jr. The first love of the acting couple ended due to his addictions.

When they met, she wasn’t Carrie Bradshaw yet and he wasn’t Iron Man. They were 18 and ordinary teenagers. Well, maybe not so ordinary, because they have been created as stars since childhood. Sarah Jessica Parker was nine years old when she first appeared on television, Robert – five. The roles in “The Firstborn” by Michael Apted were their first major appearance on the big screen. On the set of this, now completely forgotten movie, Robert and Sarah fell madly in love with each other. And they remained a couple for over seven years. Parker made the decision to part ways. She couldn’t look any further at how the drug addiction devastated her partner. As she walked away, she said: – I will pray you don’t die.

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Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. they came from different worlds

Practically everything differed from them. Robert Downey Jr. comes from an acting clan from New York. He grew up in Greenwich Village, Manhattan. He gained his first cuts in front of the camera under the watchful eye of his father, renowned actor and director Robert Downey Sr. It was he who gave his son marijuana when the boy was only eight years old. In an interview with Downey Jr. he confessed that taking drugs together strengthened their bond. – Only in this way could my father be close to me He added sincerely. By the time Robert met Sarah, he was already seriously addicted. After parting with the actress, his condition deteriorated. In 1996 he was arrested driving a naked Porsche on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles. He was carrying heroin and cocaine and a Magnum 357 pistol. A year later, he was imprisoned for several months.

Sarah Jessica Parker came from the so-called good home. It was not a wealthy house, but a traditional one and, as the star emphasizes, very happy. Sarah confessed that her family often celebrated Christmas without gifts because they simply couldn’t afford them. Parents did everything to develop their children in the cultural and artistic fields and nurture their passions. Already at the age of 14, Parker landed the lead role in the Broadway musical “Annie”. She recently confessed that she never really went through a period of teenage rebellion. This is because she has quickly become independent and therefore responsible. She avoided parties, practically did not touch alcohol, and avoided drugs. – Sarah was normal and I was completely fucked up – Downey Jr. will say years later. Even though they came from all walks of life and had completely different temperaments, they developed a stable relationship.

First love

Robert was Sarah’s first love. She had never dated a boyfriend before. When they first saw each other, he was wearing a pink Mohawk and Spiderman glasses. – I guess I looked scary enough to be intriguing to her The actor joked. It was Parker who offered the first date. It surprised. After two months they moved in together.

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Sarah Jessica Parker charmed Robert Downey Jr. natural, loose and spontaneous. She believed in him very much. In the mid-1980s, she was the more famous one in their duo. She already had, incl. a performance in “Footloose”. Apparently, she constantly motivated Robert to develop his acting skills. She told everyone how great her talent was. She even got him involved in several productions. Robert had dated a lot of girls before he got into Sarah. He treated her first seriously.

When they lived together in Los Angeles, Kiefer Sutherland was a frequent visitor. Together with Robert, he went to castings, and then – to drinks. Sarah spent most of her time shooting. Already in 1985, she landed a major role in the hit “Girls Want to Play” opposite Helen Hunt. Robert and Sarah spent their rare afternoons together in a special way, such as throwing water balloons at their neighbors. – I know of course it was very immature, but how fun! – the actress recalled with a smile in one of the interviews.

At first, they hid their relationship. They took two taxis to the banquets. Soon the media found out that they were a couple. Journalists were surprised that young people, instead of partying with other celebrities of their generation, hang out at home together. – Most Hollywood parties are all about picking up someone. And I don’t have to look for anyone anymore – said 20-year-old Robert in an interview with People magazine.

Soon they were asked about the wedding. Especially since Parker was wearing a diamond wedding ring that Robert had given her. – It’s just a little symbol that we’re together – she confessed. When asked directly if they planned to get married, they usually joked. For example, that they will organize a huge Jewish wedding at the Le Mondrian Hotel, with flamenco dancers, surrounded by balloons and soap bubbles, and with a linoleum parquet that looks like marble. The vision of a big kitsch party they told about in People magazine had a lot of fun. Later Robert added, this time in earnest: – I’m very happy with Sarah right now, and I wouldn’t want to spoil it by prematurely planning our future. But marriage seems like a natural direction for our relationship. Although they were in no hurry to set a wedding date, they chose names for their future children.

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Sarah quickly gained the approval of her boyfriend’s parents. Robert’s father was especially delighted with her. – Thank God for Sarah Jessica Parker – He said. – If it weren’t for her, Robert would have hit the wall at 100 miles per hour. They’re so cute together. Thanks to her, my son may even become a gentleman.

The actress’s mother, Barbara Forste, however, was a bit more skeptical of a possible future son-in-law. – Of course, Robert is very talented, interesting and has a big heart, but at such a young age they should rather have fun and meet many people than engage in serious relationships.

This lack of enthusiasm should come as no surprise. Addiction Robert Jr. from drugs it got worse. Sarah spent most of her time worrying about whether the actor would happily come home for the night. She translated it when he once again failed to appear at the scheduled casting. She begged him to undergo treatment and go to rehab. The relationship with the “bad boy” began to wear out her.

Years later, as a mature woman and recognized actress, Sarah Jessica Parker stated that her relationship with Robert Downey Jr. began to resemble a mother-child relationship. – This relationship has taught me a lot about being a parent. Because at one point I cared for Robert almost like a mother for a son – she revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair.

Indeed, I liked to drink and took drugs. And it was all completely alien to Sarah. She provided me with a loving home and understanding. She was trying to help me. She was deeply disappointed when I did not live up to the task and took on myself. I loved Sarah … but love is sometimes not enough – he translated.

Parting with a happy ending

In 1991, Parker had had enough. Her career was gaining momentum. She starred in the well-received comedy “Los Angeles History” with Steve Martin. She was engaged in the film “Hokus pokus”, which was to become a cult film (currently its second part is being worked on). In the end, the 26-year-old decided that she could not cope with all of Robert’s problems on her own. And this one was stubborn and still refused to go to rehab. – The moment came that I summoned up my courage and said: I’m leaving. I will pray you don’t die.

Later that year, Parker met actor Matthew Broderick. They married six years later. They are still together and are raising three children – son James and twins Marion and Tabitha. Apparently James is a fan of the “Iron Man” movie series starring Robert Downey Jr. in the title role.

Robert also started a family. In 2003, he met producer Susan Levin on the set of the horror film “Gothica”. She managed what Sarah Jessica Parker could not do – she snatched the actor from his addiction. Downey jr. has been clean for over 18 years. In every interview, he emphasizes that he owes everything he has achieved to his wife. Also that he has become one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood. Robert and Susan are the parents of Exton’s son Elias and daughter Avri Roel.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. they met again in 2015. The actor flew to New York, where the star of Sex and the City was shooting another film. – It was really cool – Downey Jr. reported later. – I saw her and realized how wonderful, funny, overwhelmed she is. Parker also admitted that it was a delightful meeting after many years.

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