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Macron pleads for “reasonable” and “non-punitive” ecological “restraint”

Emmanuel Macron on Monday defended an economic and social model based on “innovation”, “industrial strategy” but also “common sense” to achieve “fair”, “transparent” and “non-punitive” ecological “restraint”. system where it would be necessary to “give up development”. Asked about calls to reduce aircraft space for ecological reasons during a visit to the air show at Le Bourget, north of Paris, the head of state pleaded for a strategy. “Organized abstinence, if I may say + non-punitive +, understood by all, shared by all, justified, which compels each of us to make an effort, that we avoid waste and that emissions reduces, it’s good”, he declared. “That which involves saying + we must somehow stop everything and we must abandon development +, I do not consider it appropriate”, he added, defending the “creation of wealth” that “makes it possible to finance innovation”. is what you need to decarbonize”. “We who already have a current account deficit, how do you want us to finance our social model if we do not create wealth?”, he questioned, noting that “people need a demanding social Ask to choose between model and climate”. “We have to do both at the same time.” The President of the Republic recalled his remarks from last summer, when he called, in a controversial thread, “the end of abundance” to broaden his remarks. Common sense allows for a lot of restraint”, he speculated, calling for “reflection” and “civilization” that make us “turn off the light” when we leave a room or unheat a space. When we are not there “not permanently” Emmanuel Macron insisted, “the less we make people realize that we are forcing their lives, because it is already difficult enough, the more We have their support.” As common sense, on the transparency of the information available to us, on the awareness that our resources have become more scarce. “If we do it wisely, with common sense, the state There is no need for recommendations because I don’t want to live in a country where the state tells you what to do every second”, he further affirmed. In mid-May, Emmanuel Macron sparked a controversy by considering was that it was no longer necessary to “add” to environmental standards, arguing in this case for “sustainability” following the application of the EU Green Pact, a “pause” that was strongly criticized, especially among environmentalists. fff-lum/sde/bat

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