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Yes, our question is legitimate!

After years of hunting vampires on the show buffy the vampire slayer, Sarah Michelle Gellar did she end up being bitten and becoming one? It’s true, they say that vampires feed on blood (human, it’s better) to preserve their vital force but above all their youth (and why not become immortal)… And we felt a little obliged to ask the question when we discovered the last photo shared by the actress on Instagram. One wonders indeed how she can be 46 years old when she looks ten years younger. At the very least.

Real question: Is Sarah Michelle Gellar a vampire?

So, of course, at her age, not everyone has a very old and wrinkled face, but on this shot that smells like the holidays, we still have a little trouble recognizing her. Jealousy? Maybe…

There is no doubt that Sarah Michelle Gellar is remained beautiful and magnificent, and the comments of his fans all point in this direction. Some note that the actress, lucky, does not seem to want to age. “I am still so struck by your fountain of youth. I am impressed “, marvels an Internet user. And U.S. too. “You’ve barely aged since Buffy’s time!” »added another.

It will be recalled that the series which made her an icon was broadcast from 1997 to 2003. Which does not make us younger, but she does. Well, if the track vampirewe don’t really believe in it, we lean more towards good genes, a healthy lifestyle… And maybe also a perfect mastery of Instagram filters, right?

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