Sassuolo-Salernitana: Nicola’s conference

Salernitana: Nicola’s conference

Fazio had a sprained ankle and this will not allow us to have it available, I think we can re-join the group next week. Bohinen stays at home too, clinically cured. The problem is that, after the injury, he loads a lot on the same leg and we have to get him used to running and moving naturally again. I hope I can give him a few minutes next week against Verona. Does Lovato play? I really think so. “

On the initial budget

“I always want more, as well as my players. I am satisfied because I have seen predisposition to daily work, talking only about the result can be an understatement. In words you can get anything, but they are facts and ideas that create the right conditions to win The races. We are judged on the basis of the results, we are ambitious and we would like to improve the ranking tomorrow. Scoring points against Lecce would have been important, but by now we have already thoroughly analyzed that performance. We will have five away matches in a month and a half and they are very curious, woe to lose the taste of the challenge and the joy of playing it on all fields with the desire to conquer the maximum “.

Bonazzoli owner?

“I am making a series of evaluations, I will decide according to the characteristics of the opponent. It is a possibility, I always remember that it can also be determined by entering the second half”.

On the national teams

“Surely living experiences like this increases conviction in their own means, it is a joy that motivates them further. Red to Bronn? He faced players of an absolute level, every mistake can lead to growth and it is a general discourse. The boys know very well that not I dwell on certain things and that referee decisions must be accepted “.

On Radovanovic

“You know him, he is a player who has given ample guarantees and who can play as play and central defender. He has always worked during the break, but it takes additional time to integrate. Ready, I can’t throw him into the fray otherwise there is a risk of a relapse. We recover Lovato who has temperament and knowledge, is an additional resource. During the break I had four central defenders, including Gyomber and Daniliuc, focusing on the individual tactics in favor of the collective one. If you recognize the one on one it is difficult for them to jump at you, unless you find a perfectly competent striker. In the last few games we have made mistakes in reading and covering the space, we have focused on a series of concepts and tomorrow we will see the results in the match. I say, honestly , which we conceded even in the matches in which we have not conceded a goal. Against Lecce I agree that you could have done much better, demanding the best from yourself “.

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