Satisfactory, Great Sales in the Epic Games Store

Satisfactory, Great Sales in the Epic Games Store

Coffee Stain has unveiled Satisfactory sales in the Epic Games Store, which were really great, the best ever for the studio.

Coffee Stain Studios has unveiled the sales made by Satisfactory in the Epic Games Store, which were really great: 507,374 copies sold. This is the best launch ever for a Cofee Stain title, as well as one of their games that could sell more copies than ever. For example, consider that Factorio took two years to sell 1.5 million units. Furthermore, the best revenues per single copy sold by the Epic Games Store must be considered compared to other stores, which in this case are not secondary at all.

In short, at least for Coffee Stain the partnership with Epic Games has been very fruitful. Who knows if when it comes out on Steam Satisfactory it will sell more or if the fact that it was an exclusive time of the Epic Games Store will penalize it.

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