Satispay becomes “unicorn”: the valuation exceeds one billion

Satispay, the electronic payment app born in the Cuneo area, is now a “unicorn” (a financial term that indicates private companies that have reached a market valuation of over 1 billion). The objective was achieved thanks to the collection of another 320 million in investments. With this new round, the co-founder and CEO Alberto Dalmasso announces, Addition, the American fund of Lee Fixel, enters as lead investor. Greyhound Capital, among other shareholders since 2018, follows and increases its stake in the company. Alongside them, among others, there are then, all entered in 2021, Coatue, Lightrock1, Block Inc.2, Tencent and Mediolanum Gestione Fondi SGR.

«We are very satisfied because, following this round, we feel we have all the tools and resources necessary to realize our vision: to create the next leading payment network in Europe – explains Alberto Dalmasso -. We not only feel we have the necessary capital, but also experience and skills. We have grown tremendously over the past two years, more than doubling our customer base and launching in three other European countries. We have also involved many talents in our team who are helping us to transform Satispay into a bigger, more structured and competitive reality. It is truly a new beginning and we feel more determined than ever ».

“Satispay is revolutionizing the mobile payment scenario in Europe – underlines Lee Fixel -, thanks to a service that allows millions of users to pay in thousands of physical and online stores, but also to exchange money between friends and family, efficiently. it’s safe. We are excited to be alongside Satispay and support the growth of the team, the number of users and merchants, to become the most popular payment system in Europe ».

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