Saturday 25 June 2022 Sky Cinema, When a father

Saturday 25 June 2022 Sky Cinema, When a fatherWhen a father
Gerald Butler and Willem Dafoe in a touching family drama. A manager obsessed with his career calls his life into question when his son becomes seriously ill.
(SKY CINEMA UNO HD at 9.15 pm / channel 301)

The bridge of spies
Tom Hanks and Oscar-winning Mark Rylance in Spielberg’s thriller written by the Coens. Cold War: A lawyer negotiates the release of a US pilot in exchange for a Soviet spy.
(SKY CINEMA DUE HD at 9.15 pm / channel 302)

Star Trek: The Uprising
Patrick Stewart and F. Murray Abraham in the ninth chapter, the third adventure of the Next Generation series. Picard uncovers a plot that aims to conquer the peaceful and long-lived Ba’ku people.
(SKY CINEMA COLLECTION HD 9.15 pm / channel 303)

Grandpa this time it’s war
Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman and Christopher Walken in the Sky Original comedy for the whole family. A grandfather occupies the room of his grandson, who will do everything to regain his space,
(SKY CINEMA FAMILY HD at 21.00 / channel 304)

Action on the struggle between humans and gods with Henry Cavill and Stephen Dorff. The young Theseus is chosen by Zeus to stop Hyperion’s plan: to unleash the titans against the gods.
(SKY CINEMA ACTION HD at 9.00 pm / channel 305)

Semper Fi – Brothers in arms
Thriller with Jal Courtney and Nat Wolff. Cal is a Marine Sergeant forced to face the consequences of a murder committed by his younger brother, whose legal guardian he is.
(SKY CINEMA SUSPENCE HD at 21.00 / channel 306)

The ghost bride
Eva Longoria and Paul Rudd in a romantic comedy with supernatural overtones. To communicate with his dead girlfriend, Henry turns to a medium but ends up falling in love with her.
(SKY CINEMA ROMANCE HD at 21.00 / channel 307)

The hidden color of things
Silvio Soldini directs Valeria Golino and Adriano Giannini in a love story. Emma, ​​a resolute blind woman, enters the life of a charming advertiser with a troubled past.
(SKY CINEMA DRAMA HD at 21.00 / channel 308)

Budding crooks
Action-comedy with Charlize Theron, David Oyelowo, Joel Edgerton and Amanda Seyfried. A pharmaceutical company manager pretends to be kidnapped to get the ransom money.
(SKY CINEMA COMEDY HD at 21.00 / channel 309 and SKY CINEMA 4K at 21.15 / channel 313)

Action with Dave Bautista and Brittany Snow. Brooklyn: A former Marine and a girl team up to survive the attack by armed militias that are attacking their neighborhood.
(SKY CINEMA UNO +24 HD at 9.15 pm / channel 310)

The rules of chaos
At the court of the Sun King with Kate Winslet. The landscape architect Sabine De Barra, in charge of designing the gardens of Versailles, conquers the French sovereign and the artist Andre ‘Le Notre.
(SKY CINEMA DUE +24 HD at 9.15 pm / channel 311)

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