Saturn, the incredible photo while the planet is close to the Earth

American astrophotographer Andrew McCarthy managed to capture the image by climbing to the roof of a parking lot

“The photo was taken early this morning, from the roof of a parking lot in Southern California. The Arizona monsoon couldn’t stop me from capturing this beauty! ‘ Andrew McCarthy, an internationally renowned astrophotographer, shared this stunning image of Saturn with his over 550,000 followers on Instagram and 95 thousand followers on Twitter, getting thousands of likes and comments.

All rings are seen very clearly

McCarthy’s lens managed to capture the entirety of the shape of the “planet of rings”, as Saturn is often called, giving it the image we all have in mind. And all this was possible without using hyper-technological tools like a telescope (for example Hubble, from which “space” shots often come, or the James Webb), but thanks to commercial instruments, also accessible by private individuals.

The comments on the photo

There are many comments that have been arriving from August 15th on the photographer’s accounts. In addition to the many compliments (“It’s so perfect”, “It looks like the telescope shot”) there are also requests for the next shots that will arrive orspecifications on how the photograph was composed, which is now for sale as a print on the photographer’s website. McCarthy explained that he achieved this in about 30 minutes of rehearsals.

August 17th


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