Sauber embroiled in legal dispute over Stake F1 name

medium sizeOur pre-season life in Formula 1 now scandal has reached Sauber team named Stake F1 team.

Moreover, according to Swiss regulations, No company is allowed to advertise alcoholic beverages or bookmakers.just like the teams in the highest category of motorsport.

A report broadcast by Schwarz Radio (SRF) stated that, AG may face fine of CHF 500,000 ($572,000) violation.

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A report by Patrick Kraeuskopf, professor of law at Zurich University of Applied Sciences, stated that The shares are not licensed in Switzerland And they operate illegally.

“Sponsorship is allowed; however, Shares are located on the Sauber Racing websiteon their social networks and on their uniforms”, as seen in their car presentation.

Therefore,” The word “bet” is ingrained in the minds of viewers We may have crossed a red line into unauthorized advertising,” he insisted.

Stake F1 defends itself against accusations

After the report is released, Swiss team minimizes sanctions or, where appropriate, commence legal proceedings against him to have the name removed.

“We are in close contact with the Swiss Commission and comply with all regulations,” a Sauber spokesman told RacingNews365.

Adding: “It was completely routine. everything is in order, and those rules are being applied as this is the same process we did with the Swiss Council last year when Stake joined us as a partner. ”

Finally, a Stake F1 spokesperson gave the example of other teams: “Our situation is no different to that of Williams, who sometimes had to change livery at certain grands prix.”

Sauber are about to do the same, saying they will change some grand prix decorations over the next two years due to an advertising ban due to their links to gambling platforms.

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