Save on your bill, one tip a day. 1) Cook the pasta

The rise in energy prices, not only in Italy, was a worrying phenomenon that had been going on for some time. But the war that broke out in the East made it a real urgency. While waiting to find solutions to make us less dependent on foreign supplies and to implement the use of renewable sources, even each of us, at home, can intervene. Il Secolo XIX proposes a daily advice to limit daily energy consumption and save on the bill.

Cook the pasta

Cook the pasta? There is no need to keep the gas (or the induction plate) on: the pasta cooks anyway even if, once the water boils, the stove is turned off. You don’t need 100 degrees, about eighty are enough and if you put the lid on the pot, the temperature is kept above (especially with induction) for the time needed for cooking. The only precaution: turn the pasta to the boil for ten seconds, to prevent the release of the starch from causing penne or spaghetti to stick. Then, the water boils, the pasta is thrown away, stirred, put the lid on and off. And maybe leave the pasta about thirty seconds more before draining. Whoever did it has never come back.

(Video by Licia Casali)

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