Saving money on petrol, diesel, LPG and methane? With white pumps and App you can

Fuel prices are heading towards a sharp rise, but it is possible to save on the cost of fuel by taking advantage of the best conditions offered by white pumps and using technology to search for the most convenient offers.

Andrea Tartaglia


March 10

– Milan

The prices of gasoline and diesel are reaching levels rarely reached, even considering all the assumptions of monetary revaluation over the years. A situation destined to persist, which started with the stop & go imposed by Covid and resulted in a conflict with unpredictable consequences. As of March 9, the surveys on fuel prices at the pump show petrol delivered at an average of 2.048 euros / liter in self-service mode and 2.154 served, diesel at 1.966 euros / liter at self service and 2.074 served. Auto gas also shows an upward trend in prices, with LPG supplied between € 0.863 and € 0.883 / liter and methane even between € 1.901 and € 2.077 / kg. Effect of the surge in raw materials, with oil spiking to 122 dollars per barrel and natural gas in Europe to 173 euros per mWh.


Faced with generalized increases, the only viable saving option for users is to choose to refuel where fuels cost less. If the operators of the plants linked to the traditional oil companies have very little room for maneuver on prices, something more can be expected from the so-called “white pumps”, plants released by the big brands that can be supplied by different wholesalers depending on the conditions. Also called “no logo”, they are service stations that display the company name or brands such as Beyfin, Vega, Retitalia or Keropetrol. According to the latest update of the website, which also serves as an interactive map to find the plants, at the beginning of March 2022 there were 7,669 active white pumps in Italy, a number so high that it pushed the Ministry for Economic and Daily Development Energy to also publish the relative average prices. In the surveys of 9 March, Quotidiano Energia notes that the average price of gasoline at the “no logo” plants fluctuates between 2.013 euros / liter of the self-service plants and 2.053 of the served one. As for diesel, it ranges from 1,955 euros / liter for self-service to 1,991 euros for served. LPG averages 0.861 while methane is supplied at 2.062 euros / kg.


Focusing on white pumps may not be enough to save on a full tank of petrol, diesel and LPG. The prices charged by the different distributors, with or without logo, may differ and be subject to spot offers, so either you drive in search of the best offer (unnecessarily burning fuel) or you use technology to identify the cheapest gas station reasonably close ( which could be one of the big brands circuit or an independent one, an element to keep in mind). There are apps for smartphones that do exactly this, such as Petrol Prices which allows you to view the available petrol stations on the interactive map with the prices charged, divided by fuel and by delivery method (served or self). The App is collaborative, each user can report a price update or the services provided by the operators. Another app to consider (but only for Android) is Cheaper Fuel, which lists gas stations in order of distance from the user’s position or from the one entered in the search. Even a navigator like Waze offers the gas station search function.

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