Say goodbye to Gambrinus as head of TVGRA

Last weekend, on the channel, we surpassed the result of a billion views. It is many years of hard work and many hours spent in preparing the content ?? both the simple and the one that requires more attention. Under the leadership of Gambrinus, TVGRA has grown enormously in gaming on Polish YouTube. One cannot overestimate his merits for the development of not only the game channel, but also other projects ?? including TvVideos, which recently acquired 200,000 subscriptions.

Grzegorz decided that this was the right moment to hand over this responsible job to another personand do the work on your personal projects yourself. If you follow his social media closely, you surely know by now that he has recently launched his own historical channel and this is his main plan for the coming year. Although we are announcing this change today, it does not mean the immediate end of Grzegorz’s presence in our team, because in January and February you will still be able to watch his new materials on our channel. The video department will not be left without its boss, however, and Grzegorz will be replaced by Michał Manekwho has been with since 2015, and has been running TVFilmy since January 2019.

It was an incredibly developing project and I am proud that I have been leading the best Polish YouTube team for so long. 11 years of, of which 8 years in TVGRY ?? it sounds unbelievable at times. Thank you very much to the whole team for this time. It is not even a time to say goodbye. We will certainly meet on other Viennese routes.

– Grzegorz Bobrek

Taking over this function from Grzegorz will not be an easy task, but I believe that what I have learned from him over the years will be enough to lead the band towards further successes. It is a bit surreal when you try to wear the shoes of a man who is one of the reasons why years ago he wanted to join For many people, this change will surely be quite shocking, but be sure? we have been preparing for it for some time and we already have ideas for what we want to do next. will continue to operate, we will continue to develop TvFilms and we will additionally focus on the technology channel, and what will the future bring ?? æ ?? time will tell.

I am grateful for the trust that has been placed in me now, but most of all for the opportunity that Grzegorz gave me a few years ago ?? it was he who took me to the video section of my previous responsibilities and I owe him where I am and the knowledge I have acquired during this time. NS?? I wish Gambrinus that his own projects will bring him, above all, a lot of joy and satisfaction ?? because I don’t worry for a moment about their success.

– Micha³ Mañka

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