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Over the coming autumn and winter months, the rise in energy prices will become increasingly powerful and difficult to sustain. For the uninitiated, it all began and worsened in conjunction with the recent conflicts that have occurred in Ukraine, which have led to a resounding stalemate and rise in energy costs, both electricity and methane gas.

Fortunately, the governments of the European Union, such as the German and Italian governments, certainly did not leave themselves with their hands in their hands, issuing various decrees that provide for example a bonus of 150 euros (deducted directly from the payment of monthly bills), as well as interesting tax breaks for anyone wishing to buy a new state-of-the-art appliance.

Despite this, however, more and more large families (and with several dependent children) risk meeting the poverty line, since it has become unsustainable to pay such high amounts for electricity and gas bills.

So let’s see some small tricks and useful tricks that we can implement in the course of daily life to save electricity and gas as much as possible, in order to pay less expensive bills at the end of the month. First of all, let’s review the appliances that consume the most, in order to limit their use during the day.

Let’s start first from the conditioner, which is one of the most used appliances, especially during the most famous summer months such as July and August, where it is necessary to freshen up the house. As regards the Italian territory, a cost for consumption of about 120 euros per year is estimated.

Other consuming appliances

In second place we find the hairdryer, which we all use to dry our hair. This appliance can weigh heavily on the domestic economy, leading to almost 2000 Watts, as well as emitting 25 kg of carbon dioxide per year. We therefore try to limit its use as much as possible, both for an economic issue and for the environment itself.

Finally, the third place is reserved for refrigeratorwhich by the very nature of the appliance must remain permanently on for the duration of the day, otherwise the food would not be well preserved.

In this case it is advisable to limit the temperature of the refrigerator itself, trying not to exceed too much: in fact, doing so would consume much more electricity than necessary, also running the risk of leading to the formation of ice on the internal walls of the refrigerator. By maintaining an optimal temperature, however, we will have the opportunity to save on electricity bills.

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