Scale, flat tax or lump sum. The Polish Order and the earnings of entrepreneurs

The tax changes announced under the Polish Deal government program will come into force in just over a month. The president signed the law that requires improvement on November 16, which means that entrepreneurs, employees and accountants will have to comply with its imperfect provisions from January 1, 2022. Based on the available data, we estimated the impact of the regulation on the net earnings of entrepreneurs depending on their revenues and the form of taxation .

  • The government argues that the Polish Deal is “lower taxes and more money in Poles’ wallets”
  • This is only part of the truth. We decided to check how the Polish Deal will affect the budgets of entrepreneurs
  • Our estimates show that in 2022 almost all entrepreneurs will pay more than this year, although it should be noted that some of the increase will be due to the rising ZUS premiums along with the economic indicators
  • Some entrepreneurs may even reduce the loss in relation to our calculations, if the rulers manage to improve the Polish Order signed a few days ago, which uses an imprecise term
  • More such information can be found on the main page of

The Polish Order in the scale of the entire economy will bring about a tax reduction, which is often and willingly recalled by the representatives of the ruling party. If they mention at all that the tribute paid may increase, they do so reluctantly or argue that it will only affect the better off. Even leaflets in which we are informed that the Polish Order is “have started to reach the mailboxes of Poles”lower taxes and more money in Poles’ wallets

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