Scalfari: Augias, I’m upset, I loved him – Politics

“I loved Eugenio Scalfari, I learned almost everything I know as a journalist from him” he writes Corrado Augias in an exciting long article on the Repubblica website and tomorrow in the 24-page special of the newspaper that mourns its founder who died today at 98 years old.
Augias, like Gianni Rocca, Giorgio Bocca, Sandro Viola, Mario Pirani, Rosellina Balbi, Miriam Mafai, Barbara Spinelli, Natalia Aspesi, Enzo Golino, Orazio Gavioli, Giuseppe Turani, is part of the first stainless core of the newspaper that saw its debut in 1976 “I am upset, I was not prepared even though it was known that it was at the end” Augias told ANSA.
“I fell in love with Eugenio Scalfari at the age of twenty, in 1955.
I attended the conferences that the weekly Il Mondo organized on Sunday mornings in Rome, at the Eliseo theater. When he spoke I already knew that I would listen to a lesson in economics as fascinating as a story, punctuated with the right voice and timing by a man who showed great confidence in what he was saying “, recalls Augias on the newspaper’s web.
The journalist, writer, beloved face of Rai (remembered in recent days for the adventure of Telefono Giallo in Angelo Guglielmi’s Rai3), tells of the birth of Repubblica, a rib of the Espresso which he also collaborated with, the first meetings in which he cheated on copies sold (“he arrived at the meeting with a piece of paper from which he read imaginary figures: yesterday in Milan 18 thousand, in Rome almost 30 thousand, goals set there to cheer up the troops by making them glimpse the light of a future. An attempt that, after so many years, it seems heroic to me “) and the famous ‘sung mass’, the morning meeting with compliments and failures for colleagues.