Scaloni enraged: “Why the De Paul alarm? Are we for Argentina or Holland?”

It’s a Lionel Scaloni the one who showed up at the press conference to introduce the quarter-final against the Netherlands was rather annoyed. Speaking of De Paul’s condition, the Seleccion coach expressed himself as follows: “It’s very strange, and you know what I mean… Yesterday’s training was behind closed doors, I don’t know how it is possible to know that Rodrigo has something it doesn’t work. I don’t understand where this information comes from. Yesterday he trained in part with the group, I’ll see the decision to make in the next training session. Those who don’t train always do it as a precaution, managing what comes out in the press, however, is very difficult. I don’t understand, are we for Argentina or the Netherlands? Really, I don’t understand the need that leads to generating this alarm. Now our adversaries are aware of certain things…”.

Do you expect a special marking for Messi?
“We are used to seeing something different proposed, but it also applies to us”.

Do you train for penalties?
“The boys always play after training, but let’s hope we don’t have to get to that stage and pass earlier. We’re thinking about winning it in regular time.”

What Holland do you expect?
“They’re a very balanced team, in which everyone attacks and defends. It’s a bit of a summary of modern football, while years ago it was thought that four or five players had to attack and everyone else defended. Today, however, football has changed, it’s another thing”.

Are you satisfied with Enzo Fernandez?
“Everyone who joined gave their grain of sand to contribute. We are happy with Enzo, he does what we expect from him when we hire him. He has done good things but he can do even more, a great future awaits him”.

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