Scandalous photo! Georgina Rodríguez with her nose not operating: “Unrecognizable!”


Those who have been following Georgina Rodríguez for a long time now know very well that Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner is more than delighted with her current life. You just have to take a look at your Instagram account to see how all that luxury and glamor around you “feels great.”

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As it is. A Georgina who, eye, does not stop growing in the networks and in the media. And, although it is true that being Cristiano’s partner helped him during her start as a celebrity, now Georgina has been ‘walking alone’.

There are more and more brands that come to it in search of collaborations and every day that passes its publications on social networks has a greater impact. While it is true that Jaca’s is not that she is an Instagrammer to use (she does not hang photos every day, much less), it is very common for her images to become viral.

Georgina Rodríguez’s photo

And her “beauty” and her “sensuality” are to blame for it. A beauty that, yes, has come from the hand of some aesthetic touches. There are several operations that the jacana has been done, being perhaps the rhinoplasty that has given more to talk about in recent hours.

Among other things because it has begun to circulate an image of Georgina before surgery that has left many with their mouths open. And it is that the change is so evident that many have remained plaid.

An operation that has sat “wonderfully” and, eye, it is very likely that you are not the last. Seeing the taste that Rodriguez has taken from the scalpel, it would not be surprising if she went through the operating room again.

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