Scandalous photo! Kylie Jenner teaches that from there

Once again Kylie Jenner has once again been the protagonist of controversy in social networks. As much as the Kardashian girl is more than accustomed to being a criticism, at times like this, the mess gets fatter than ever.

On the one hand, many of them have been left to see one of the latest publications of the celebrity. Now, platinum blonde for a few days, Kendall has again opted for sensuality with an inn that, as expected, has petado.

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night out..💛

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And, as much as Jenner is in the spotlight, there are certain things that change. And sensual inns with “scandal” models are one of them. A model and a publication that takes just hours or more or less than more than 4 million likes.

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The mess with Kylie Jenner

However, no matter how much Kylie is trying to cover the subject, the mess has not come because of this photo, but because of a controversy unleashed on Twitter. And it is that the networks have again revealed the multimillionaire.

And, because of the serious fires that are leaving the Australian continent devastated, Jenner wanted to share her feeling of grief with an image that has already gone viral in which we see a koala rescued by a firefighter.

So far so good. The problem came at the moment when, just minutes later, Kylie herself hung in her stories an image of a pair of house-made slippers made of animal skin. And of course, the sticks that have fallen on the networks are more than numerous.

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