Scarlett Johansson (and her most daring bikini) sweeps Hawaii because of what it looks like!


Scarlett Johansson is a whirlwind. The New York actress is living a very good time of her life and is preparing 2020 that is coming exciting for the right eye of director Woody Allen. And it is that the Black Widow can reach the sky this year.

The ‘Story of a Marriage’ seems to be finally able to win the Oscar for best leading actress. She is the main favorite without the nominees still knowing and the critic is unanimous with her as with Joaquin Phoenix with the men’s prize.

And is that Scarlett Johansson would have achieved maturity as an actress at an unbeatable moment for her, which seems that the award will only be the inevitable consequence of an impeccable job.

Is enjoying

But it is that in addition to work Scarlett Johansson is seen enjoying life to the fullest. Some pictures on the beaches of Hawaii show us the actress with a spectacular bikini that has surprised everyone.

Although what the fans of the actress have most noticed is in the continuous smile of a Scarlett Johansson who seems to have forgotten the ghosts of the past and is enjoying as never before.

Sunday, the Golden Globes

The first prize of 2020 can fall to Scarlett Johansson this Sunday at the Golden Globes where she is the main favorite for the award for best leading actress and her partner in the film Adam SIlver is also nominated but in the male category.

For the Oscars, we must wait until February 9, date before other years in search of not making the awards stage very heavy after seeing the fatigue with which these ceremonies were reached last year.



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