Scarlett Johansson best looks: 9 films with memorable outfits that transformed her into a cinema icon

Jojo Rabbit2019 film directed by Taika Waititi and set in Nazi Germany, however portrayed bordering on the grotesque and paradoxical, was for Scarlett Johansson the opportunity to interpret a funny and bizarre rolethat is, of Rosie, the secretly Jewish mother of a little boy who instead has a spasmodic admiration for Hitler, so much so that he has him as an imaginary friend. Johansson wears the clothes and hairstyles of the time to perfection here, which are revived for the occasion with vibrant colors and texturesa paradoxical counterpart to the darkness of the time.

Nicole (Story of a marriage)


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On the completely opposite front, one of her latest roles is as Nicole in Story of a marriagemovie by Noah Baumbach released on Netflix in 2020. It is about a still immature actress whose marriage to the director Charlie (Adam Driver) is going through a very serious crisis. The two face each other hard in scenes of rare intensity and verbal violence, trying to get to the bottom of a frayed love affair. All in Johansson’s appearance in this film, from short haircuts to almost humble clothes, speak of a woman who has put herself aside for a long time and who slowly finds her own dimension. Perhaps one of the most complete and poignant roles of an actress capable of a thousand transformations and versatility.

Kay (Black Dahlia)


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The role of Kay, in Brian De Palma’s crime film Black Dahlia, where she plays a beautiful woman torn between two policemen in search of the truth about a gruesome murder, offered her the opportunity to wear iconic and timeless garments. We are, in fact, in 1947. Scarlett shows off all the must-have garments of that time: impeccable and rigorous suits with fur, veils and twin-sets. Even the make-up and hair-styling are impeccable: red lips, very blond hair. In short, a simple elegance that is so reminiscent of the divas of the past.

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