Scarlett Johansson catches you with her charms and you can’t escape Tremendous!


To make an analogy we can say that last year was when Scarlett Johansson planted her labor projects, and already in 2020, it is the turn to reap the rewards. Her interventions on the big screen of the cinema generated great repercussions.

The new year begins in the best way for the one born in New York, with citations to great prizes and recognitions for her professional work. The amount of fans she would have on social networks is unimaginable, but a while ago she decided not to use them anymore.

The 35-year-old star made the decision not to be present in virtual communities because they were considered a strange phenomenon. She also did it to take care of her privacy, since she suffered hacks in her accounts.

The good news at the turn of the decade is given by a double nomination for the Black Widow of Avengers. She is nominated for her role in Jojo Rabbit and Marriage Story to the Oscar Awards.

In the first, one of the highest-grossing celebrities enters the Best Supporting Actress competition and in the second, for taking the statuette to Best Actress.

The great moment of the also American singer could be even more epic to keep the victory in these two nominations in the most important event in Hollywood.

The Oscar 2020 awards are scheduled for Sunday, February 6 and can be seen by the TNT signal. It will start at 20.30 with the protagonists of the Red Carpet and at 22.00 the most anticipated will begin when the winners are announced. At the ceremony, all eyes will be on the Ghost World actress.



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