Scarlett Johansson, how to fight acne: advice

Scarlett Johansson also suffered from acne and in the most important period of her career. The actress revealed how she solved the problem and what her advice is.

Actress known throughout the world as an interpreter of Black Widow in the Marvel universe, for a few months it has also become beauty entrepreneur. Scarlett Johansson launched her own beauty brand and wanted to share some moments in her life that she had to fight against acne without having the necessary tools and awareness. An unease that has caused various consequences, including deep discontent, and which he would like to remedy by setting a good example today.

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The actress told the microphones of People to have had difficulty manage your skin And acne in the most important period of his life. Shortly before her big success, Scarlett Johansson tried to take care of her skin and give it a healthy and homogeneous look. “I’m still looking at my red carpet photos when I was 20 and my first thought is pimples, I still remember them like it was yesterday“, He admitted.

Scarlett Johansson and the fight against acne: advice

It’s not easy being an actress or aspiring one if your skin doesn’t cooperate, especially when you consider that you have to wear make-up on set. And, by now we know it well, constantly apply products on skin plagued by breakouts without let her breathe it is an unfair abuse and that does not help at all. Scarlett Johansson recalls that, at the beginning of her career, she suffered from acne and had outbursts important on the face to be covered. And they increased during the filming period on the set. “It was terrible. I wanted to cover up the acne before I even sat down at the makeup station just so I wouldn’t feel so exposed. It affects how you feel, how you see yourself, you just want to forcefully rub it off“, he said.

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And he has tried many remedies. “All kinds of peels, acne masks and resurfacing“. The conclusion was not so immediate: only later did she understand that all those products instead of helping her have probably finished damage the skin. Use aggressive products it’s never the solution. Scarlett Johansson has one sensitive skinso the best solution was to choose one beauty routine consists of three simple phases: cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

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And it is drawing inspiration from this simple one routine that the idea of ​​a beauty brand like was born The Outset. Not surprisingly, his motto is to have products “clean, effective and simple“. At the moment Scarlett Johansson is preparing to launch the seventh product of her beauty brand co-created with Kate Foster: it’s about one face scrubs for delicate skin that defines “a cup of coffee for your skin: the alarm clock. Whenever my skin feels dull, I use it in the shower and it smoothes, brightens and brightens it“.

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