Scarlett Johansson moves her prosthesis and looks bigger than the other!


Scarlett Johansson has half the world at her feet with her delicate charm. The Manhattan actress has a natural beauty benefited by her genes, so it would seem unnecessary to resort to aesthetic medicine to modify something, but since no one is completely satisfied with what she has, she finally used the plastic surgeon as an ally.

In the photo that we present you see something that should not happen with one of your prostheses. Surgeon’s error? Or the camera angle?

Showing all her radiant beauty with a vinotinto dress and the neckline that could not be missed, Scarlett reveals her front. While posing, one of the prostheses moves and gives the impression of a considerable size difference. Something went wrong, giving a lesson that the natural has a huge advantage over all artificial aesthetic arrangements.  

Although in the photo things did not go as expected, in her professional career she is having all the success in the world with her latest film called History of a marriage, which was nominated for Golden Globe for best drama. It may be your best moment because of the progress you are making from work in favor of gender equality in Hollywood.

Scarlett Johansson claims in the Golden Globes

After receiving many criticisms in recent weeks for her physique and the occasional carelessness such as the prosthesis we mentioned, she found in the Golden Globes the stage to leave everything behind. 

He managed to combine a spectacular outfit with her hairstyle, but the most surprising thing was the perfection of her face, which despite 35 years of age, showed no imperfection. It was the actress who received the best rating from fashion critics, cleaning her image and returning to be the spectacular Scarlett Johansson of always. 



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