Scarlett Johansson talks about the controversial comments she has made in her career


Scarlett Johansson doesn’t want to “ edit “herself when she talks about how she really feels.

The actress, who has sparked controversy in recent months over her comments about Woody Allen – as well as political correctness and casting, decided to talk about the controversial statements in an interview with Vanity Fair magazine. In the chat, Johansson was asked about the comments and the 35-year-old said she doesn’t want to ” lie ” about how she feels.

” I’m not a politician and I can’t lie about how I feel about things,” she said. ” I don’t do that. It’s not a part of my personality. I don’t want to have to edit or control what I think or say. I can’t live like this. It’s not me .”

She adds, ” And also, I think when you have that kind of integrity, it will annoy some people. And that’s part of the experience, I think .”

Johansson was asked about defending director Allen, who was the subject of charges of sexual abuse.

” Although there are times when I feel most vulnerable because I have spoken my opinion, my own truth and experience about something – and I know that maybe people don’t like it and have a visceral reaction to it – I think it’s dangerous to control how you represent yourself because you are afraid of the response that people may have, “she said. ” That doesn’t look like progress to me. It sounds scary .”

When asked if she thought the people who criticized her comments about Allen ” had a point, ” she replied, ” I don’t know – I feel the way I do. It’s my experience. I don’t know more than any I’m just close to Woody … he’s a friend of mine. But I have no other vision than my relationship with him.

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Journalist Chris Heath also told Johansson that her comments about Allen might make people think she was saying to the woman who accused him of abuse: ” I don’t believe you .”

“Yes,” she answered. ” I understand how this can upset some people. But just because I believe in my friend doesn’t mean I don’t support, or don’t believe in women. I think each case is a case. You can’t have an answer ready – I don’t believe it. But that’s a personal thing. It’s how I feel.

And while talking about her controversial signing for the movie Rub & Tug, in which she was going to play a transsexual man named Dante “Tex” Gill, Johansson said she ” mishandled ” this situation.

The actress’s initial response to the lineup was to say, ” Direct people to the representatives of Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto and Felicity Huffman .” She referred to the three actors because they also played transgender roles in the past.

” I handled this situation badly. My first reaction was not sensitive,” she said. ” I wasn’t fully informed about how the trans community felt about these actors acting – and how they felt about cis people in general acting – as transgender people. I didn’t know about this conversation – I hadn’t been educated about .”

She added, ” So I learned during this process. I misjudged … it was hard. It was like a hurricane. I felt very bad. Feeling that you were insensitive to ignorance is very bad .”



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