Scarlett Johansson teaches (finally) everything that hides under clothes

Imagination flies for followers when Scarlett Johansson is at the center of any subject. There is much that we do not know about her, but with the following contains the most faithful will be able to understand her skin in detail. The actress is a fan of tattoos, as they allow her to indelibly mark transcendental situations in her life. Are you prepared to understand the meaning of your tattoos?

In the recent Golden Globes where Scarlett concentrated all eyes with an imposing style, she showed her secrets. 

One of her biggest tattoos is made up of roses and a lamb on her back. The roses represent their daughter named Rose Dorothy according to expert evaluation.

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In addition to this, she has a sun on her left arm, which symbolizes the good energies and optimism that are an essential part of her personality.

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People’s Choice Awards, 2019

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We can not forget the bracelet that has tattooed on her right wrist, in which you can read: «I * Heart * New York», a place that in different interviews has been shown to value immensely. Johansson also sees in the indelible ink luck, so she has an inverted horseshoe that says “Lucky You.” 

Finally, she has a rose under her left chest, this is an unequivocal sign of the beauty in it that does not need a cover letter. 

So we explain her most important tattoos, and although a few were left off the list, now you can understand a little more what goes through the head of this dazzling star. 

Scarlett Johansson and the 35 of happiness

Despite the overwhelming success of Scarlett Johansson, her life has been surrounded by personal problems that left her alone. Today at 35 she has all the sentimental aspects controlled with a partner for which she says she feels different compared to Ryan Reynolds and Romain Dauriac.

With everything in perfect order, the 35 and 2020 will be to see the best version of the actress. Will it add any surprises besides Black Widow?

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