Scarlett Johansson works! The amazing tip to make the bust look bigger

You do not have to enter the operating room to make a top fit as you wish … Look at this tip that will surely work for you!

In recent decades, women’s bust size has become so important that it is as if the vast majority want to have the very large!

However, as all are different and all have different bodies. Not all think have the same type of dress. How to do when you want to wear a top and feel that perhaps your chest is very small? This is one of the best tips!

It is a wearing a “push up ” model bra (those that go up and separate) while combining it with a fabric that falls gently on the chest: This will give a visual effect of incomparable volume.

Among the celebrities, the popular Scarlett Johansson has said that she applies this trick when she has to wear cleavage dresses and it seems to work because it always looks sensational!

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