Schifani detaches the civic De Luca, as Pd and M5s went

The numbers of Caterina Chinnici and Nuccio Di Paola in the Opinio Rai and Swg screenings for La7. Who is leading for the presidency of the island

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At 2 pm today, September 26th it started bare of the cards for elections regional in Sicily.

When it was close to 16 coverage was al 12 cent but Renato Schifani already looming as the winner. This is the second Opinio Rai projection.

Elections for the president of the Sicily region, the results of the second Opinio Rai projection

Renato Schifani it is in fact at 39 per cent, almost fifteen percentage points away from Cateno De Luca (24.4 percent). The first is supported by the center-right, the second is a civic. They follow Democratic party And Five Stars movement.

Renato Schifani with Lega leader Matteo Salvini.Photo source: ANSA

Renato Schifani with Lega leader Matteo Salvini.

Catherine Chinnici it would be 18.3 per cent, Nuccio By Paolaof the Five Star Movement, would instead be around 15.6 per cent.

Elections for the Sicilian regional council, the results according to Swg for La7 (first screening)

These are numbers that differ greatly from results of the first screening Swg for La7that gives Schifani winning with 42.5, De Luca ranks second in the surveys, with 24. By Paola would have won 15.7 of the votes, while Chinniciin fourth place, would have won 14.1 percent of the vote.

Vote in Sicily, the turnout and how many voters went to the polls on 25 September

He went to the polls on 48.62 percent of Sicilian citizens entitled to vote, 2.25 millions about voters in absolute terms (out of 4.63 million voters, corresponding to those entitled to rights on the island). Although less than half of Sicilian citizens decided to cast their vote, five years ago the result was worse: it was 46.75%.

Who are the candidates for the chair of president of the Sicily Region: Schifani, De Luca, Chinnici and Di Paola

To run for the presidency of the Region, which is based in Palazzo d’Orleans, Renato Schifanisupported by the center-right, Cateno De Lucasupported by the list “De Luca mayor of Sicily”, Caterina Chinniciof the dem together with the Centopassi list, Nuccio By Paolapentastellato.

Action and Italia Viva have focused on Gaetano Armaowhile Eliana Esposito ran under the symbol of ‘free Sicilians’.

More than twentieth century candidates for a place in the Sala d’Ercole, seat of the regional council.

candidates sicily

Photo source: ANSA

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