Scholes and the couple … broke out with Veron: “It was a disaster, I needed someone more disciplined …”

The period spent in the Premier League is a moment that Veron himself considers quite complicated. And to confirm this are the words of a former teammate at the time.

Among the great market disappointments in the history of Manchester United there is certainly Juan Sebastian Veron. Brujita, currently president of Estudiantes, had made Serie A fall in love with the shirts of Sampdoria, Parma and Lazio, but in 2001 she decided to fly to England at the court of Sir Alex Ferguson. In the two years at Old Trafford, the Argentine won the Premier League but did not convince and was sold to Chelsea, before returning to Italy with the Inter shirt. A period, the one spent in the Premier League, that Veron himself considers quite complicated. And to confirm this are the words of a former teammate at the time. Indeed, his companion in the department.

Speaking to The Overlap to Gary Neville, Paul Scholes told of his difficulties in playing with the Argentine. “I played with Butt, with Keane, with Carrick and I got along well with everyone. But I needed someone who played further back, I had more problems when I played with more offensive players like Veron. With him it was a disaster. It didn’t work, we were two guys who didn’t give a damn about defending and didn’t know how to do it. And I needed someone who was more disciplined by my side ”. In short, a couple that on paper was a dream has turned into a nightmare for Manchester United.

Veron himself knows that things did not go very well. That speaking some time ago a FourFourTwo he gave his vision of that situation… “Perhaps the problem was linked to the characteristics of the players. To make things work for me, in a position where there were already good options, it was necessary to change the way a team played that was good for him. And if there is anything that bothered me it was my physical condition. I was used to how it was done in Italy, but in England you played games to keep fit. I was not used to playing without a lot of physical preparation and in the long term my performances dropped ”. And playing with Scholes… it was more difficult than expected!

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