Schumacher, in the end the statement arrived: tears will never be enough

Very often, when we hear news that evokes certain emotions, the tear inevitably falls. The world of sport, as is well known, offers many emotions in this regard. Comes a statement, now, concerning Schumacher, who does not fail, to stay on the subject, to unleash a shower of emotions.

There Formula 1 is one very popular sportunleash the passion from millions of fans worldwide. There are press releases, which, as anticipated, are exciting, and the one in question concerns Schumacher. Michael Schumacher is at the center of the press release of the past few days. Let’s see what it is, more specifically.

The great Michael Schumacher, at the time of Ferrari –

The unforgettable Kaiser does not fail to generate emotions And memories every time he is mentioned, and this time his name has been associated with recent events, these days, in F1. Max Verstappen, in this regard, he has already won the last edition of the F1 World Championship, and apparently he is close to making an encore. Now, for his talents, the Dutch champion has been approachedin terms of comparison, just to Schumacher.

What is striking is hers ability not to make mistakes in the check of the car, which in some ways reminded critics of Michael’s mastery. As well as the race pace which he manages to keep, with constancy and skill (with a variation that, at most, can reach a tenth). After all, it is inevitable, when a new champion is established in a sport, they are always carried out and proposed particular comparisons with illustrious predecessors. Even if Verstappen has not yet reached the glories of Michael Schumacher and there are already some stop towards comparisons easyespecially by those who knew Michael well.

Jean Todt, for many years alongside the very German champion at Ferrari, aims in fact at to mitigate, with an interview recently released, the terms of comparison between the two sportsmen. As stated in the press release, he states how Verstappen is different by Schumacher.

Jean Todt’s statement

Michael Schumacher and his friend Jean Todt –

Todt admits one similitude between the two characters in terms of aggressive determination, but also claims to know Michael well, much less the recently established champion. For the rest, he softens the tones of the comparisons proposed in recent times, and does not knowas released in the interview self actually are alike for other wait. Every champion is different from the other, but every champion, as Jean Todt points out, needs a great machine to help him on his way to victory.

He then recalled i timing of Schumi’s arrival in Ferrari, of how initially, despite being fresh from a double consecutive world victory, he had problems of setting because of the car. Finally, Todt remembers how the life of the champion his friend is changedfor him and his family, the 29 December 2013 and how important it is have friends close at a time like this. Todt, as we know, is always close to Michael and his family, and considers it a real privilege. Life, in the interview given by the French manager on the occasion of the Sport Festival, “..for everyone, it’s not just racing”.

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