Schumacher, unfortunately the confirmation has arrived: all over

Schumacher, unfortunately the confirmation has arrived: all over. The news really hit the entire world of Formula 1

According to the latest rumors coming from the paddock, the confirmation of his son Mick with the Haas team is increasingly distant. The class of ’99 risks being excluded from the Circus in 2023.

Farewell Schumacher
Michael and Mick Schumacher (photo by

A Schumacher in Formula 1 is always a welcome thing for fans. Michael simply made the history of the sport, winning seven world titles (including five consecutive with Ferrari, and he also attached his passion to his son Mick. champion of F2 2020he competed with the Haas in the premier class. After a first apprenticeship championship, alongside Mazepin, in 2022 his performance has grown considerably, making father Michael proud too. The stable led by Günther Steiner it has improved in performance, also thanks to the developments coming from the Ferrari (power unit and more). Magnussen has been confirmed for the 2023, after his brilliant return to Formula 1 this year. It remains to understand who will support him, indeed hearing when declared by the Bildthe choice would have already been made. Nico Hulkenberg would be the chosen one to take the place of Mick Schumacher. This means that his F1 adventure is over.

Mick Schumacher, Haas dumps him: Hulkenberg will take his place in 2023

Mick Schumacher
Mick Schumacher (AnsaFoto)

The pilot grew up in the Ferrari Driver Academy so he risks finding himself without a seat for next season. First approached to Alpine (which instead will take Gasly with Ocon) and then to the McLaren (who opted for Piastri instead of Ricciardo), Schumi Jr. is at a career crossroads. The experience of Hulkenbergaccording to the German press, could be useful for developing the potential of Haas. The 35-year-old is also the main candidate for the seat of the American team according to sources of Espn.

After 181 GPs in F1 (also this year instead of Vettel in Aston Martin, when he was sick with Covid) Nico can’t wait to get back on track. At the official level, there have not yet been any statements from Steiner and his men. The team principal, during the Friday of Singaporehe entrenched himself behind a: “Let’s wait a little longer so as not to make a wrong decision”. Unfortunately for Mick the hours seem to be numbered, his story in the top class is likely to be over.

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