Schwarzenegger was detained at the airport for three hours and had to pay a fine

On January 17 this year, Austrian-born actor and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger detained for three hours at Munich airport customs. The reason is that the “Terminator” translator arrived from Los Angeles without announcing a luxury watch he wanted to auction in Austria this Thursday.

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According to a customs spokesman told Der Spiegel, Schwarzenegger was not only detained, but criminal tax procedures were also launched against him. They interrogated the actor for three hours, asking him questions about his children, partner, bank accounts, assets and more.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

An official had to accompany him to the bank to withdraw cash.


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The watch will be auctioned this Thursday at a dinner ahead of the climate summit in Kitzbühel, Austria. Although this was explained, the actor’s argument was in vain, He had to pay €35,000 to import the watch into the EU and was fined €5,000. noted in newspaper

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But Schwarzenegger’s journey didn’t end there. The above-mentioned media also stated that although the former governor wanted to repay the debt with a credit card, customs officers required him to pay at least 50% of the debt in cash.

Whereas The actor did not have the money and officials had to accompany him to the bank to withdraw the money cash.

The watch causing the problem comes from Swiss luxury brand Audemars Piguet is valued at approximately 20,000 euros. Only about 45,000 of these watches are produced each year, and Schwarzenegger’s watch was specially made for the actor’s private collection.

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