Scientific and technological advances presented at Portal – Second International Academic and Industrial Forum on Biotechnology

Celaya, Gto.- Researchers from various public and private institutions presented the scientific progress of the work done in research, innovation and creation of new products laboratories, organized as part of the 2nd International Academic and Industrial Forum on Biotechnology to be done. at the Celaya-Salvatierra campus of the University of Guanajuato (UG).

According to the press release, the person in charge of opening the program was Dr. Luis Alfredo Cruz Ramírez, from the National Laboratory of Genomics for Biodiversity (Langbio-Syninvestv-Irapuato), with the magisterial conference “Deciphering the molecular bases of regeneration” in axolotl tissues “.

Together with his team, Dr. Cruz Ramirez studies the metamorphosis, molecular and cellular structure of these amphibians. As a result, they have contributed to presenting the first genetic reading present in a cell of a Mexican axolotl, one of 16 endemic species in Mexico, which has as an exceptional feature the ability to regenerate its limbs and preserve its larval features in its adult. has the capability. life.

This opens up the possibility of promoting advances in human cell regeneration.

In this sense, the rector of the campus, Dr. Graciela Ma. De la Luz Ruiz Aguilar organizes these meetings, where scientists converge with business contributions; As well as industry: “two fundamental pillars for the development and advancement of society,” he said at the start of the International Academic and Industrial Forum on Biotechnology.

He said that these places promote synergy between the academic and industrial worlds and encourage transfer of knowledge and technology.

Beyond the creation and dissemination of knowledge, it is our responsibility as academics to ensure that our scientific contributions are used in a responsible and ethical manner, taking into account the social and environmental impacts.

In addition to the opening keynote, there are conferences that will address topics such as: plant aromas and their use in agribusiness, biopesticides for agricultural use, technological applications of cotton, functional genomics of Ustilago maydis (corn huitlacoche), new Development of Food Products, Biotechnology of Agaves closes the day with an international conference by, among others, University Sheffield, England.

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